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For eye and throat diagnostic

The Luxamed Diagnostic is of the highest standard. Its housing manufactured from the best quality ABS material. It is Lightweight at only 31.5g, a LED lifetime of 100 000 hours. “On” by depressing the quick clip – switch affording you a luminous intensity of 20 000 – 25 000 mcd. A removable buffer piece between the housing and quick clip switch prevents accidental on. Power supply (included) 2 x AAA batteries (generating 3.0 v affording a burn time of approximately 50 hours plus). The Diagnostic Penlight is available in two colours – (Sere-med blue or Sere-med Red) Why is our diagnostic penlight (LED) different to others and why the blue filter? During an eye examination and in order to determine if abrasions or scratches are on the cornea, fluorescein and a blue light that illuminates the fluorescein are often used together to detect these foreign bodies in the eye. The Luxamed LED is authorized and approved for eye diagnostics assuring safety without any damage to the eye. The addition of the blue filter however affords the above examination with fluorescein to be conducted. Our diagnostic penlight therefore provides you with an affordable alternative to do this examination.

Manufactured in Germany

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About Propulse
Sere-med has for many years offered ear rinsing devices, the first being the Otoscillo and recently the Propulse range from Mirage Health Care Group in the United Kingdom, specialists in the field of ear care. The Propulse in itself is a culmination of many years of experience and a focus to produce a device that can assist a medical professional to do ear rinsing safely and correctly.

The Propulse Ear Irrigator system is intended to:

• Facilitate the removal of cerumen and foreign bodies that are NOT hygroscopic* from the external auditory canal.
* Foreign body that is stuck in the ear that can absorb water e.g. a pea or bean and then expands. This can make ear irrigation difficult and dangerous. It is important to do a thorough pre-check prior to irrigating the ear to ensure there is no foreign object obstructing the ear canal.
• Remove discharge, keratin or debris from the external auditory canal by irrigation with warm water.

Reasons for using this procedure are to:

• Correctly treat otitis externa (a painful infection of the outer ear- caused by water remaining in the ear after exposure – swimmer’s ear. Water creates a moist environment that helps bacteria and fungi to grow) where the external auditory canal is obscured by debris.
• Improve conduction of sound into the ear, where impacted wax is believed to be the cause of a hearing defect.
• Examine the external auditory canal and the tympanic membrane.
• Remove a cause of discomfort.

Ear rinsing should only be carried out by a suitably qualified health care professional. Please view the videos demonstrating this remarkable device. To support the Propulse user, Sere-med offers a range of accessories that are supplied with the Propulse device. These are:

The Propulse Protect Cape

A 3ply waterproof shoulder cape which helps protect the patient’s clothes during the ear irrigation procedure.
The 3ply design combines a super absorbent paper material with waterproof backing layer to provide maximum protection – the absorbent paper material helps prevent water “run-off” whilst the waterproof backing helps protect the patient’s clothes from splashes and spills during the ear irrigation procedure.
Helps prevent cross infection
Quick and easy to fit. Can be used on either shoulder or can be rotated from one should to the other.
Supplied in a box of 36’s and packet of 6’s.

Unique Propulse QrX Tips

The Propulse single use QrX Tips are designed exclusively for use with the Propulse Ear Irrigator.
The unique locking mechanism provides an easy fit onto the quick release handle whilst securing the tip throughout the irrigation procedure.
The QrX Tips are single use to minimise the danger of cross infection.
Supplied individually clean wrapped in a box of 100’s or 50’s.

Designed in conjunction with a leading ear care specialist to facilitate the manual removal of ear wax before, during and after the ear irrigation process. Supplied individually wrapped and clinically clean, the single use ProScoop helps prevent cross infection.
Indicator mark on scoop shaft at 15mm (± 0.5mm) to show depth of penetration into ear.
The double ended design combines a scoop for manual ear wax removal at one end, and a serrated edge at the other to allow easy attachment of cotton wool (for mopping out the ear following ear irrigation.
Combined with a comfortable and easy to grip handle, the ProScoop ensures the medical professional can confidently remove excess ear wax manually.
Supplied in singles only.

The Propluse Noots Tank

Part of the Propulse kit. Its design facilitates a comfortable application underneath the ear to collect water

The Propulse Cleaning Tablets

For cleaning purposes, the Propulse cleaning tablets are specially formulated for use with Propulse Ear Irrigators.
They ensure that the irrigator is cleaned effectively without damaging the pump and working components of the unit as some other cleaning agents can.
Convenient, simple to use cleaning tablets.
Use one per day prior to using the machine in accordance with cleaning guidelines.
Supplied in packets of 10’s.
Use only genuine Propulse accessories and consumables to prevent damage to your ear irrigator.
Technical Data Performance:
Flow Rate: Up to 300 ml / minute
Water Jet Pulses: 1200 per minute (approximately)
Maximum Operating Time: 10 minutes continuous use (with a recommended rest time of 2 hours)
Storage Temperature Range: - 5°C to 65°C
Storage Relative Humidity: Up to 80%
Power Adaptor: Input 100-2VOV- 50 / 60 Hz Max 0.45 A Output av DC2A
Electrical Safety: EN 6061-1
EMC Compliance: EN 60601-1-2

Why you should irrigate instead of using a syringe

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Our non-contact thermometer, MT500 is a product of the ALPK-2 brand from which our blood pressure monitors, the DM 3000, DM 4000, K2-232 and aneroid wall, desk and mobile units are manufactured.

The MT-500 is a quality product designed for professional use complying with EMC -electromagnetic compatibility, standard, IEC 60601-1-2:2007.

Simple to Use:

Depress the power button to turn the MT-500 on, thereafter ensure the thermometer is in body temperature mode. If not, depress mode button continuously until the arrow moves to mode (body, object or room) you require.


Once mode is selected, depress the power button, three separate indicator lines are displayed. Hold the thermometer perpendicular to the forehead, more than 4cm or more and slowly move it closer to the forehead. At about 4cm between the thermometer and forehead, a long beep will sound, and the measurement will be displayed. The three sperate indicator lines will move up and down the screen. The measurement must be taken while the lines are moving like this! Prior to Use: We recommend that the user manual is read thoroughly to ensure that everything about taking a body temperature using the thermometer is clearly understood before attempting to use the MT-500. MT-500 is a clinical thermometer designed for professional use in medical institutions. Operating principals and intended use: The product measures body temperature by: • Measuring the peak wave-length of the infrared rays emitted from the forehead to measure forehead temperature without touching the forehead. • The MT-500 then calculates body temperature using the correct value calculated from the relationship between the forehead and body temperature. • Thereafter it converts the amount of infrared radiation detected compared to that of the body temperature. • The MT-500 can also measure the surface temperature of other objects and room air temperature. • The thermometer memorizes up to 10 body temperatures and 10 object temperatures which can be saved on the MT-500.

N.B: When battery is removed, saved measurements will be cleared. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Model: Non-Contact Thermometer MT-500 Sensor: Thermopile – Infrared sensor - measures the temperature from a distance to produce an output signal in degrees celsius. Accurate up to a tenth of a degree Constructed of wires connected together Measuring body site: Forehead Measurement Range: Body Temperature +34.0 to +42.5 °C Object Temperature 0 to 100.0°C Room Air Temperature - 10.0 to + 45.0°C Measuring Accuracy: Body Temperature Within ± 0.2°C for temperature between + 36.0 and +39.0°C Object Temperature Within ± 2.0°C for temperature between + 10.0 and +40.0°C Within ± 2.0°C or ± 41°C (whichever is highest) for other temperatures. Room Air Temperature ± 2.0°C for temperature between +10.0 and +40.0°C Within ± 3.0°C for other temperatures. Armpit Temperature Forehead Conversion Range Temperature +31.6 to + 40.5°C Operating Conditions +10.0 to + 40.0°C, - 95% RH or below (No condensation) air pressure 700 to 1060 hPa Storage Temperature -20.0 to +50.0°C, 95% RH or below (no condensation) Power Supply 1 AAA Alkaline Battery No. of measurements with new battery is approximately 4 000 (under ALP K2 measurements conditions).

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About DM4000
The DM 4000 is the successor to the world renowned ALPK 2 brand and replaces the popular DM 3000 supplied by Sere-med over the last decade.
This blood pressure monitor is smaller - L (228) x W (134) x D (206) mm, compact, lightweight (approximately 925g) and ideal for desk top use.

A unique feature of the DM 4000 is that you can take a measurement automatically. The unit will inflate itself and determine the correct values during inflation and display the measurement on the large LCD screen thereafter.

In the manual mode, the DM 4000 will also inflate automatically to the pre-set values determined by the medical professional. The DM 4000 will then deflate in millimetres of mercury until the measurement has been taken using a stethoscope - Just like taking a blood pressure measurement with a standard mercury blood pressure monitor. Mercury has been banned by the WHO thereby making mercury BP monitors obsolete.

DM 4000 automatic sphygmomanometer is intended for the measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate in adult patients (aged 12 and above).

Mode of Measurement: Automatic and Manual Mode
Deflation Rates: The following deflation rates can be selected: 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5 mmHg/s
Auto 3 Measurement Mode: Perform automatic measurement three times in a row and the DM 4000 calculates the average.
Regular and Large Size Cuffs: Upper arm circumference range of approximately Regular size cuff 22 to 32 cm x 1.5m tubing Large size cuff 32 to 42cm x 1.5m tubing
Automatic Re-inflation: The cuff is automatically inflated to the pre-set pressure value, if the pre-set pressure value was low and insufficient, automatic inflation is carried out again to a pressure higher than the pre-set value.
Memory Function: Auto measurement mode or auto 3 measurement mode, the measurement is saved. The memory can store up to 30 measurement results.
Back Light Function: If the buttons of the device are operated, the back light automatically switches on.
WHO Classification Image: Indicating levels of hypertension
Irregular Pulse Wave Rhythm: If the pulse wave interval mark is not constant, the irregular pulse wave rhythm mark appears.

Operate with AC adaptor or rechargeable nickel metal hybrid battery (included).

Product Specifications
Model: DM4000
Operating Method: Oscillometric Method
Indicator: 12- Digit LCD
Pressure Indicator Range: 3 to 300 mmHg Cuff pressure
Measuring Range: 50 to 250 mmHg systolic 40 to 180 mmHg Diastolic 40 to 160 bpm pulse rate
Accuracy: ± 3 mmHg cuff air pressure, ± 5% of reading pulse rate
Inflation: Automatic (air pump)
Deflation: Electronic control valve
Power Supply: AC Adaptor

For Table Use Only

This device complies with EN1060-1:1995+A2:2009 Non-invasive sphygmomanometers Part 1: General requirements, EN1060-3:1997+A2:2009 Non-invasive sphygmomanometers Part 3: Supplementary requirements for electro-mechanical blood pressure measuring system and EMC (IEC60601-1-2:2007).

*Accuracy is guaranteed with the measured values that are within the measuring range. Specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvements in performance
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Quality components and elegant with superior LED technology providing you with unique illumination in an innovative LED ring affording a homogenous light with a detailed and distortion – free image. …….this is the Luxamed Dermatoscope

What makes the Dermatoscope a game changer?

1. It improves the management of skin lesion assessments prior to and following treatments.
2. The design of the head piece facilitates a manual and easy method using your mobile phone to take extremely clear and detailed images of lesions to be assessed or treated. This is an inexpensive yet simple method to manage your patient lesion database. An accurate scale within the headpiece affords monitoring and measurement of skin anomalies e.g. melanoma

IMPORTANT: A Dermatoscope is a specialized microscope that is used for in vivo examination of pigmented skin lesions. In order to distinguish melanocytic from non-melanocytic lesions and determine whether melanocytic pigmented lesions are likely to be malignant. Even though most malignant melanocytic lesions can be identified on the basis of unaided visual inspection alone, there are many lesions that are not readily distinguished by examination with the naked eye.

Following treatment: See the scale to determine exact size up to 9mm. Photo taken with mobile phone through eye piece of Dermatoscope.
A week following treatment: Photo taken with a mobile phone through eye piece of Dermatoscope. Note: No scale

Features of the Dermatoscope

  •  Natural white light
  •  Colour temperature: natural white LED bulbs (approximately 4.2000 k).
  •  Pocket size.
  •  ED ring contains 6 LEDs in a concentric structure and a constant current guaranteeing a considerably longer service life of approximately 100 000 hours.
  •  No replacement lamps required.
  •  Maintenance free.
  •  Stepless zoom affording 10x magnification.
  •  By depressing the on / off button continuously, the Dermatoscope can be adjusted brighter or dimmer to obtain the required luminosity of up to 10 000 lux, when viewing a melanoma for example. The luminosity helps to see through the natural white light as you can see the colours and borders much better when viewed using a yellow light or standard magnifier.
  •  Automatic on when batteries are inserted.
  •  Electronic button for manual on / off.
  •  Automatic off after 3 minutes.
  •  Power supply: 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (included).
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This Otoscope is a real eye-catcher, manufactured with only the most innovative materials of the highest quality, Luxamed brings you an Octoscope with exceptional technology.

Unique illumination and the innovative LED ring replace traditional fibre optics. The Otoscope headpiece offers a field of vision and optimum illumination in the application area. A pivoting 3-fold magnifying glass can be locked in position or adjusted away from the headpiece, allowing for the use of ear instrumentation such as our crocodile forceps, ear curette (buck) and Propulse Proscoop ear wax removal scoop.

  •  Natural white light
  •  Pocket size.
  •  LED ring contains 6 LEDs in a concentric structure and a constant current guaranteeing a considerably longer service life of approximately 100 000 hours.
  •  ED ring contains 6 LEDs in a concentric structure and a constant current guaranteeing a considerably longer service life of approximately 100 000 hours.
  •  No replacement lamps required.
  •  Maintenance free.
  •  Intensity of illumination is approximately 10 000 lux.
  •  Colour temperature is approximately 4 000k
  •  Insufflation port for pneumatic test – insufflation bulb order code: A5.201.112 (ordered on request)
  •  Can be dimmed or brightened by depressing the on / off button continuously.
  •  Electronic button for manual on / off.
  •  Automatic off after 3 minutes.
  •  Power supply: 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (included).
  •  Supplied with 20 grey (10 x 2.5mm and 10 x 4.0mm) disposable ear funnels.

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Beaty, is a REAL TIME CPR feedback device that gives real time feedback thus ensuring you are performing high-quality CPR.


In order for YOU to perform excellent CPR, a Beaty is required! The Beaty is a small and affordable device that gives real time audio feedback during CPR. Beaty helps any person, regardless of their medical knowledge to save lives! After 4 minutes of cardiac arrest, the damage sustained by the brain is irreversible. Effective bystander CPR can triple the chances of survival during cardiac arrest, but 70% of people stated that they feel helpless during a SCA event. Beaty was created to increase the effectiveness of CPR by giving guidance and confidence to either a first aid responder, a member of the public or a medical professional. Beaty was designed to be simple and easy to use, by anyone.


  •  Inexpensive compared to saving someone’s life!
  •  Battery operated (3 years or doing 15 hours CPR correctly and non-stop).
  •  Ensures effective high-quality CPR.
  •  Fool proof device.
  •  Small & portable, it can be used anywhere including being readily available in a specialized wall cabinet ideal for businesses, recreational and public environments.
  •  No maintenance required.

Make a smart choice today, learn CPR or refresh your training and equip yourself, your business with a Beaty today as tomorrow may be too late… Every first aid bag should be equipped with a Beaty and if you have completed a first aid course and attended CPR training, you will know how difficult and important it is to perform effective high-quality CPR.

Purchase your Beaty today!!!!

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Sere-med was established more than twenty (20) years ago, initially starting with two types of dressings. One, a waterproof transparent film dressing- Surgin Leep, the other, a fabric post-operative dressing – Surgin Pore. Both being ordered still today, a testament to the quality of these products and their continued market support. Today, Sere-med offers a comprehensive range of dressings comprising of Bosui Pad – a post-operative waterproof dressing and a non-stick absorbable Pad – Sere-Pad, which can be used as a gauze substitute or an absorbable non-stick pad used with our roll dressings – Sere-Derm and Sere-Fix whereby you can create either a waterproof or fabric post-operative dressing that can be cut to any size for the appropriate wound. To ensure we remain innovative and competitive, the Sere-med branded dressing range was introduced as Sere-Derm Plus, a post-operative waterproof dressing and Sere-Pore, a fabric post-operative dressing. Both an affordable and trusted alternative to our Bosui Pad and Surgin Pore dressing range affording you a choice of other sizes to that of Bosui Pad and Sere-Pore.


Adhesion instead of sutures

Epiglu Tissue Adhesive is an innovative product which is not water soluble and consists of a sterile solution that ensures protection against infection thus speeds up the healing process. For the practitioner, this tissue adhesive which consists of an Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate combination means the following: polymerization of 4 seconds for the first layer applied saving you time compared to other tissue adhesives or suturing where preparation can take up to an hour when using local anaesthetic. No post-operative care is required and for the patient daily hygiene is possible as Epiglu is waterproof. Epiglu is less traumatic for the patient especially with children as no local anaesthetic is used so no needles and no pain is associated with Epiglu when adhesion is performed. Epiglu saves you time as a practitioner, no risk of infection and post-operative care is zero as the patient can continue with their daily lives and hygiene as normal. Our slogan "No stiches no tears" has a meaningful purpose as this is the case when using Epiglu. No scaring in the form of suture trunks so for aesthetic reasons the result after treatment is more appealing to the patient. You as a practitioner are providing a less traumatic experience to your patient with no collateral damage which means happy patient, happy doctor. Epiglu is approved for the mucosa so even for the aphthous ulcer pain is relieved immediately and healing occurs within 4 days. Epiglu is supplied in a single dose dosette (10cm wound) and as a multidose (20 applications).

Epiglu is supplied either in an easy to use 0.3ml single dose dosette suitable for a 10cm wound or a multidose tube sufficient for 20 applications.

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First Aid Bags

First Aid Bags

The contents of first aid bags available to the public are most often just the basics and usually in accordance with the regulations and to keep costs to a minimum. From a business point of view, this may apply but not in all cases. Reducing costs however and to compete in the markets, the contents are so often overlooked thereby forgetting the reason for producing the first aid bag in the first place, hence the basic essentials and any quality will do!!

So what is missing here?

Good first aid practice – yes, we are talking about first aid injuries and the desire by someone, be they a first aider or first responder, to either use or as the injured person to be effectively treated with the appropriate first aid products suited to common residential, business and outdoor activity injuries. Sere-med has for many years strived and succeeded in supplying first aid bags that aspire to this challenge. We remain confident that our first aid bags are equipped with a variety of different types of quality products that offer value and fulfil our first aid bags intended use. The Sere-med Emergency Blue First Aid Bag – our flagship, should be your choice!

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The Eazi-Pezi encourages women, children, the elderly and infirm who may feel awkward in providing a urine specimen, an alternative that is comfortable and convenient to use.


- A reduction in misdiagnosis through more effective specimen collection.
- Perfect for use during pregnancy.
- Saves doctor or nursing time with simplified patient self-collection.
- Reduces spillage and contamination of hands, container and surroundings.
- Eliminates the need to transfer sample from urinal to specimen cup.
- Seal is leak proof once Eazi-Pezi is screwed onto the specimen cup.

Ideal for either a laboratory specimen and can be used in the practice test environment. The Eazi-Pezi is designed and recommended for single use only (discard after use) Supplied either in a box quantity of 100 individually sterile packed pieces or Single piece

Eazi-Pezi is designed for single use only. Should Eazi-Pezi be re-used, which is not recommended due to hygienic reasons, the cleansing disinfecting procedure will be directed in each practice.

Eazi-Pezi consists of a LDPE material which is UV stable, we recommend that the Eazi-Pezi not be put in a sterilizer. After use, scrub the Eazi-Pezi with bioscrub or hibiscrub both which contains chlorhexidine. Rinse thereafter and keep the Eazi-Pezi in a clean packaging or area prior to the next use.

To re-affirm, Eazi-Pezi is designed to be a single use item that should discarded after use.

LED Examination Lamp FOCUS

Modern, focusable practice examination lamp with energy saving LED technology. Ideal for examination and minor surgery.

At an operating distance of 30cm, the light spot can be adjusted from a diameter of 9cm up to 15cm.

The excellent homogeneity (light is the same all around) of the light spot always ensures optimum illumination of the working field.

The Focus Examination light for Sere-med is available in the following versions:

1 Examination Lamp LED complete – Mobile on robust, non-tilting and stable stand with lockable casters. Order code: EXA 002
2 Examination Lamp LED Wall complete Order code: EXA 001
3 Examination Lamp LED Table complete Order code: EXA001A

The wall or table clamp can be ordered separately. (See Order App)

Features of the Focus Examination Lamp
LED lamp consists of one 10W high power LED
Illumination at a distance of 30cm is approximately 80 000 LUX* (diameter 90mm)
Illumination at a distance of 40cm is approximately 50 000 LUX* (diameter 90mm)
Colour temperature is approximately 5000K
Service life of LED: 50 000 hours
CRI:93. CRI is a value which compares reflected colours from an object under LED light to sunlight. 93 is almost the highest level achievable with LED
Aluminium illumination head for optimal convection and heat radiation, therefore low heat development
Gooseneck construction with 100cm long neck that remains in desired position
Handle on lamp head can be removed and sterilized
Handle on lamp head can be removed and sterilized

Enhancing your -Examinations


Sere-MAT is an anti-fatigue mat proven to reduce physical and mental fatigue caused by prolonged standing. It has been specifically designed to reduce the onset of pain and tiredness caused by prolonged standing on hard or firm floor surfaces. Its development is driven by thorough research in the field of ‘fatigue-relief’ for standing occupations. This durable, yet very comfortable matting is manufactured from 100% closed cell PVC foam, with a pebbled ‘textured’ surface. Ideal for demanding locations, especially where regular turning is involved, such as cashier till points and manufacturing production and warehouse areas.

A dual fused layer construction provides superior comfort and durability, with tapered edges to reduce trip hazards. The tough PVC foam textured top surface offers excellent resilience against wear and tear. Exceptional fatigue-relief properties as the low density under layer provides highly effective underfoot cushioning. Circulation is encouraged as the feet subtly adapt to the mat’s surface. This is also the ideal matting for sit/stand stations in the office environment as the mat is hardwearing.

Common ailments from prolonged standing include:
• Varicose Veins
• Deep vein thrombosis
• Pain and swelling of the legs and feet
• Low back pain
• Joint damage
• Bunions
• Circulatory problems
• Hypertension

Standing in one position on a hard surface for extended periods of time can cause Musculoskeletal Disorders, injuries or conditions affecting the movement of the human body. They are problems that affect the muscles, tendons, ligaments, vascular system. Nerves, soft tissues, bones and joints. Symptoms can creep on gradually, and progressively get worse leading to more acute pain. Movement can become increasingly restricted. Pain, inflammation, tenderness and burning are just some of the problems associated with Musculoskeletal Disorders.

How do anti-fatigue mats work?
Anti-fatigue mats encourage regular foot movement. The foot subtly adapts to the mat’s cushioned surface, promoting healthier circulation. This movement, although very subtle, forces the foot and calf muscles to expand and contract, which pushes blood back up to the heart against the force of gravity. This naturally occurs when we walk. An anti-fatigue mat helps to replicate this action even when users are standing in static positions.

- Carefully designed incorporating high-density foam to provide just the right balance between cushioning and foot support for users of standing desks
- Helps to delay the onset of pain and tiredness otherwise experienced from standing on hard or firm floor surfaces
- Handy size for ease of handling making lifting and moving an effortless task
- Fits into most office workstations
- Features a textured underside and gentle bevelled edges to reduce trip hazards, while creating a neat 'anti-curl' finish that sits flush to the floor

- Environmental Resistance: Suitable for dry indoor environments (0°C to +60°C)
- Size: 600mm x 900mm
- Material: Virgin Closed Cell PVC (Foam)
- Weight: 2 kg
- Height: 12.5mm
- Cleaning Method: Brush/Mop the top surface
- Flame Retardancy: Conforms to BS EN 13501-1:2002 Class Ef