Sere-med giving back

Dear Gary,

I trust that this email finds you well,

I would like to introduce myself, I have been employed at the Centre since October last year as the Marketing and PR Manager. Gary I would personally like to thank you for all the amazing things that you have done in the past and present for the Centre. Your generosity is admirable and the impact that all the donated medical supplies have is indescribable. Thank you.

I would like to do a social media post to thank Sere-med, would the below post be ok with you? Does Sere-med have a facebook account that I can perhaps link the post to?

There is one sponsor that definitely deserves a massive thank you, and that is Sere-med.

We cannot thank them enough for all that they have donated to both Centre’s!


Krystle Woodward
The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre – DE WILDT

Gary Page, Managing Director of Sere-med presenting Mandy Poole, Chief Operations Officer at Endangered Wildlife Trust ( EWT ) with 1 of the 43 Sere-med first aid bags that were donated by Sere-med

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